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Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC) was set up on December 17, 1991 in Moscow by the Heads of Communications Administrations (CA) of independent states. That day they signed the Agreement on Establishment of the RCC – an organization missioned to carry out cooperation between new independent states in the field of telecommunication and postal communication based on their free will, principles of mutual respect and sovereignty.

In October 1992 in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) the Heads of Government of the CIS countries signed the Agreement on coordination of interstate relations in the field of postal- and tele-communication, which vested the RCC with the authority of an interstate coordinating body in the field of tele- and postal communication. The RCC principle tasks are the extension of mutual beneficial relations between the RCC CAs in the course of harmonization of development of communications networks and facilities; coordination in the field of scientific and technical policy, radiospectrum management, tariff policies for communication services and settlements, staff training; interaction with the international organizations in the field of communications and informatization, information interchange, etc.

The initial period of the RCC formation and development was related to elaboration of conceptual, legal and finance documents, the aims of the organization, status and powers of its participants, structure and authority of the executive bodies ensuring comprehensive cooperation, were determined.

The Supreme organ of the RCC is the Board of the Heads of the Communications Administrations, carries out its activities pursuant to the Regulations. The decisions of the Board are taken by common consent (consensus) of its members.