Working groups on the revision of the constituent documents


     Working  Group on the Revision of the RCC Constituent Documents (Working Group) has been stablished by the Board of the RCC Communications Administrations Heads in 2007. With the establishment of the Working Group there was set a serious task — solving a number of issues accumulated by radical update of the package of the RCC Constituent Documents. However, during the implementation of the specified task there have been found the alternative ways to solve the task. These ways allowed to take into account the current Commonwealth needs on the basis of existing constituent documents. After the task, that caused the creation of the Working Group, this Working Group has continued to operate as a permanent working body of the RCC involved in the legal support of the Commonwealth activities.

     Over 9 years of its existence, the Working Group, carrying out the RCC CAs Heads orders and making its own suggestions, developed and reviewed several dozen documents, ranging from the beginner documents to the fundamental documents of the Commonwealth, regulating the status, rights and obligations of the RCC participants and the relationships within Commonwealth.

     Currently the Working Group activity is carried out in the following areas:

  • development of new projects of internal documents regulating the various aspects of the current RCC activities and its working bodies, as well as preparation of proposals on amendments and additions to the existing internal documents;
  • preparation of proposals on improvement of the RCC activities, including optimization of the organizational structure, improvement of the efficiency of the working bodies and minimization of the financial costs;
  • providing the advisory support to other working bodies of the Commonwealth and the RCC Executive Committee on matters related to the RCC internal documents and the provisions of the current law of the state of stay the RCC Executive Committee.

     Meetings of the Working Group are held two or three times a year in the form of face to face meetings or in working order (by correspondence). The Working Group includes representatives of the RCC Communications Administrations and observers. The Working Group cooperates closely with other RCC working bodies and is in constant interaction with the RCC Executive Committee.

     The Working Group results are reviewed regularly at the sessions of the Board of the RCC Communications Administrations Heads.