RCC Infocommunications Commission

The RCC Infocommunications Commission has been established in 1993. Since April 2002 the RCC  Telecommunication Operators Board and RCC Telecommunications Commission have joined their meetings. The main directions of the RCC Infocommunications Commission activities are:

  • New technologies and services development for the broadcast networks, data transmission, TV and audio programs. Legislative regulation.
  • Experience exchange of implementing the technology and services of NGN (system-network solutions, networks convergence, new services development and introduction).
  • Practice and regulatory issues in the field of communication regarding network infrastructure joint use by telecommunication operators (subscriber lines, conduit runs, etc.).
  • Practice, features and problems of the construction of transport networks supplying television programs during the transition to digital television broadcasting.
  • Experience and implementation options of the telecommunications component of organization of the country's unified emergency service  “112”.
  • Cellular mobile telecommunication networks. Development and introduction of new technologies and high speed data in cellular networks.
  • Planning, experience and introduction problems of number portability services on mobile telecommunication networks.
  • Telecommunication networks management - the basis of the telecommunications infrastructure reliability.
  • Universal service implementation.
  • Experiences exchange on issues of interacting networks information security.
  • Transition the main telegraph channels on the data channels/network.
  • Preparation for the activities carried out within the ITU framework and their results consideration.