Human resources development Board

Tasks and functions of the RCC Human resources development Board


1.         Coordination of the RCC CAs interaction, CIS institutions of higher education (hereinafter - the universities), with the participation and implementation of joint projects with other international and regional organizations, projects on creation an innovative model of university education in the CIS countries.

2.         Interaction of the participants of the Board on the establishment of interconnected courses to all universities, including the use of distance learning for retraining and advanced training of employees of organizations, businesses on the most popular specialties of radio and television broadcasting, information technologies.

3.       Preparation of proposals on cooperation between universities with organizations
of communications and information in order to create the joint program of training and professional development and testing centers for the promotion of the education market of new programs.

4.       Expansion of exchange of experience and organization of closer cooperation in the field of human resource development, training and professional development in the field of communication and information technologies, as well as activities aimed at the creation of articulating educational space of the CIS countries.

5.       Conducting theoretical and practical conferences related to problems of information security, international conferences for students, graduates and young professionals of CIS communications universities on emerging technologies and services in the field of electricity, postal services and informatization.

6.       Organization jointly with ITU, UPU and other international organizations, the RCC communications administrations and companies the workshops, conferences and academic conferences on the development and management of human resources for training of specialists
of advanced technologies the field of electric, postal services and informatization.

7.       Cooperation with communication and information organizations on adapting education to the real research and production needs of the IT market.

8.       Preparation of proposals for the harmonization of national legislation on the mutual recognition of diplomas of universities in the CIS countries.

9.       Coordination of activities of the ITU «Center of Excellence» for the CIS countries for personnel retraining and professional development.

10.     Organization of information exchange between the universities of the CIS countries on development of communications and human resource management.