High Level Working Group

For the purpose of the interaction of the RCC participants’ countries in the field of ICT and information society development that facilitates the development of economic, social, political and cultural spheres of society and quality of life there was established the High Level Working Group (HL WG).

The HLWG priority activities are:

  • internationalization issues of the Internet infrastructure;
  • software market demonopolization;
  • cross-border space of trust in the context of electronic sovereignty;
  • creation of the Interstate Information and Marketing Center;
  • development of joint projects in the field of “Internet of Things” and digital economics;
  • development of a common functional platform of the RCC participants’ countries in the field of e-government;
  • data centers;
  • informational resources.

The HLWG main objectives are:

  • participation in the transformation of all public institutions and spheres of human activity with the use of the ICT potential;
  • development promotion of the national economies of the RCC participants countries through the use of ICT;
  • efficiency improvement of public administration and local self-government;
  • promotion of cross-border space of trust based on the information and telecommunications network “Internet” in the RCC participants' countries for the integration of the Commonwealth countries in the economic, political and humanitarian spheres;
  • development facilitating the common functional platform of the RCC participants’ countries in the field of e-government;
  • efforts coordination to create a single digital market of the RCC participants’ countries and software market demonopolization;
  • improvement of the state guarantees system of the constitutional human and civil rights in the information sphere, ensuring the universal access to information and knowledges;
  • preparation of citizens, public institutions, businesses and public authorities of all levels of life in the information society;
  • development of technical and technological foundations of the information society, bridging the digital divide;
  • quality improving of scientific research, education, health care, social protection of the population based on development and use of ICT;
  • life quality promoting through the use of ICT;
  • preservation of cultural heritage, strengthening of moral and patriotic principles in the public consciousness, development of cultural and humanitarian education system;
  • preparation of qualified personnel in the ICT sector;
  • prevention of threats emerging in the information society;
  • assistance with the approximation of legislation in the RCC participants countries;
  • harmonization of the work carried out in the RCC participants’ countries for the development of the information society with the activities of inter- national organizations, primarily the UN, ITU, UNESCO and others.