Core publication

1. Vestnik sviazi (Herald of Communications)

Monthly technological journal " Vestnik sviasi " is issued since September 1917a. (under the current name from 1941a.). The journal covers state and prospects of development of the telecommunications and postal communication market in the CIS countries. The special attention is paid to the policy of the intergovernmental and national organizations and departments regulating and coordinating activities of operators, suppliers of a communication facilities, etc.

The electronic version of the "Vestnik Sviazi" one can read in the Internet.

2. Telecommunication

The monthly scientific and technical journal on wireline and radio communication, TV and radio broadcasting was founded in 1933. It is intended for a wide range of experts in the field of communications and informatization. It is distributed in Russia, the CIS countries, abroad. It is exported to 47 countries of the world.

The electronic version of the journal "Telecommunication" one can read in Internet.

3. Postal communication. Technique and technologies.

Monthly scientific and technical journal. It is published since 1999. It covers questions of reorganization and technical re-equipment of postal service, marketing in postal sector, terms of financing, problems of transportation and delivery of postal items, etc. It acquaints readers with questions related to postal system improvement, its financial and economic, technical and technological problems