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11-12 June 2014, Astana (Republic of Kazakhstan) the Regional conference on postal financial services and electronic money transfers within the framework of the UPU multi-year integrated project "Development and improvement of electronic payment” services was held


The Conference was organized by RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau jointly with the CA of Republic of Kazakhstan.

The conference was attended by the Directors Generals of national postal operators and their Deputies, heads of departments, specialists of Ministries/Agencies dealing with postal services, leading specialists of the Communications Administrations. The total number of participants was more than 40 people.

The conference reports were made by experts of the RCC CAs and the UPU IB.


During the conference was discussed the information on strategy and UPU multilateral postal financial services, participation in the Agreement on postal payment services.

It were also discussed UPU projects on development: standards of quality, Guide of postal payment services, payments to IFS/STEFI with use of mobile phones and communication with post offices using tablet devices, IFS/STEFI hub/switch center, connection of regional and global databases .

It was considered issue of creation of UPU user group "Postal payment services", of approval of the UPU system of settlement and clearing for repayment/regulation of payments between postal services, implementation of urgent, COD, account- cash and cash-account money order services by the countries of the region.

Was provided information on the results of a regional study of adaptation to the rapid development of the market (proposals for new tariffs and payment).

Representatives of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova shared their experiences of providing money transfer services.

Participants of the Conference held bilateral negotiations on the possibility of opening corridors of money transmission through IFS/STEFI systems.


The Conference was highly estimated.