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April 17, 2014 at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation held the II Eurasian Conference on Logistics «Logistics in Russia: cooperation and technology development».


Within the conference held panel discussion and were held seven special sessions.

At the meeting of panel discussion were discussed the possibilities of integration of regional economies through logistics using ICT infrastructure; analyzed federal and regional experience of interacting with business in interests of industrial clusters and logistics formation.


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Special interest of the participants called session № 2 «Information and communication technologies in logistic: problems of transboundary».

In the meeting of the session was attended by experts from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), European Union (EU), as well as representatives of the RCC Executive Committee.

The session moderators were:

Khotko Alexander, Director of Information Technology Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission;

Furgel Igor, Head of certification department, T-Systems International GmbH;

Sergey Yevtushenko, Referent of the Russian Federation Government.

Within the session were considered trends of development of transboundary legally significant information exchange in the formats of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, the CIS, as well as within the EU and the Asia-Pacific area. Noted innovative character of works in this direction, their relevance in terms of construction and development of the global information society, taking into account the need to observe an international information security.

According to information of Deputy Director General of RCC Executive Committee Zorya N. participants noted the role of the Regional commonwealth in the field of communications, as initiator of transboundary trust space development, based on common trust infrastructure giving the possibility of trust services providing for users when they electronically interact. Noted that on RCC platform were developed common methodological approaches on solution of this task.

Participants considered practical directions, forms of cooperation and also integration of business processes. As a promising direction was recognized a formation of government, private and public-private partnerships and associations integration to implement projects in various regions of the world. As an example was considered the proposal on creation of an Interstate information-marketing center of the CIS member states.

Was noticed positive experience of integration union of states participants of Customs Union and Common Economic Space in this direction. Supported intentions of greatest world operators of ICT-services, such as «Rostelecom» and Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems) (Germany) to unite forces for solution of such difficult task.


Presentation of Furgel Igor, Head of certification department, T-Systems International GmbH is attached.


Participants recognized the need to maximize use of results of works which are conducted in international formats in this sphere. One of these projects is the development of CEFACT Recommendation to ensure legally significant transboundary electronic interaction. This project was initiated in 2012 by RCC and at the beginning of April 2014 was approved by the Bureau CEFACT, which confirms the globalization and relevance of tasks. In conclusion the participants noted the productivity of meeting and have found it necessary to organize a continuous exchange of experiences on the progress of the project to create the transboundary trust space.

At the same time it was decided to ask the Committee of logistics of Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation to make efforts to develop a permanent mechanism for coordination of the project for a wide range of industrialists and businessmen of different countries.


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Within the framework of session signed the Agreement between «Rostelecom» and Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems), in which is planned to develop a list of concrete steps in direction of realization of events on creation of transboundary trust space.


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Presentation of Jürgen Schwemmer on theme: Infrastructure for qualified electronic signatures in Germany