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On 2 March 2010 in Astana (the Republic of Kazakhstan) the International seminar for the specialist of the RCC Communications Administrations “Increasing the role of the postal sector in the information society” was carried out

The seminar was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau together with Communications Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Directors General of national postal operators and their deputies, heads of structural units, employees of the Ministers/Agencies, dealing with postal issues, leading specialists from Communications Administrations attended the seminar. Total number of participants made more than 65 people.

Specialists of the RCC CAs, UPU IB and RCC Executive Committee made presentations at the seminar.

During the seminar the following questions were discussed: CAs tasks of implementating the 24th UPU Congress decisions on the innovative capital use in the postal sector, creation of public communication centers of the post offices, optimization of the ICT-based services provision at the post offices, Internet commerce and technologies applied for its development, economic aspects of ICTs implementation, personnel training in the information technologies sphere for the postal industry.

The seminar was highly appreciated by listeners.