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On 2-3 April, 2010 in Astana (Kazakhstan) meetings of the High Level Working Group (HLWG) on Cooperation in the field of readiness of the RCC countries to an information society and the RCC Informatization Commission will take place.

  The first meeting of the HLWG (established by a decision #41/1 of the RCC CAs on 25.11.2009, Minsk) is planned to define its main activities. During the meeting it is planned to consider the development and harmonization of indicators of readiness of the RCC countries to build the Information Society, aimed at providing users with reliable statistical data in accordance with international statistical standards, the possibility of creating a unified inter-agency statistical information system aimed at improving managerial decision-making, and organizational issues of HLWG.

At the meeting of the RCC Informatization Commission the progress in implementing the decisions taken by the Council of CIS Heads of Government on further cooperation in the field of ICT will be reviewed. During the session, participants will get acquainted with the development of electronic services in the RCC countries, will consider issues of implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva, 2003., Tunisia, 2005) decisions and provide the necessary support for HLWG on implementation of the ICT and the readiness of countries to build an information society issues, as well as a number of other live issues in the field of ICT.