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Chronicle of the 26-th Congress of the Universal Postal Union

On the 19-th of September took place the First coordination meeting of the RCC participants' countries in the issueof participation in the 26th Congress of the Universal Postal Union (September 20 – October 7, 2016, Istanbul, Turkish Republic).


The participants of the meeting were welcomed by the Chairman of the RCC Postal Commission, the Head of the postal sector of the Ministry of Communications and high technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan Novruz Mamedov and Director General of RCC Executive Committee Nurudin Mukhitdinov.



     The participants of the First coordination meeting discussed the following issues:
- structure of the 26-th UPU Congress; 
- candidates from the RCC CAs:
- The common proposals of the RCC CAs to the address of the 26-th UPU Congress,
- procedure of interaction of the RCC CAs delegations at Congress;
- the list of RCC CA delegations.
With the assistance of  «Azerpost» there was organized a room for RCC coordination meetings. Thus, the RCC participants’ countries decided to hold  meetings daily at 8.00 am.

     The third day of the 26-th Congress of the Universal Postal Union
     The chairman of UPU congress is represented by Mr. Kenan Bozgeyik - the Chairman of Board and Director General of Postal and Telegraph Corporation of Turkey. Vice-Chairmen of the 26-th UPU Congress are Cuba, Belarus, China and Kenya. The RCC is represented by Irina Saksonova - the Republic of Belarus who was approved for the post of Vice-Chairmen of Congress.

     On the position of Chairman for Commission 5 (Postal financial services) was approved the representative of Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Salakhutdinov - Deputy General Director on financial business of "Russian Post".
       On the 21-st of September of work of the 3rd Commission of UPU Congress there was considered a draft plan of development of integrated products. The main idea of this plan was to modify the mail classification (in 2018) of documents or goods.
     On the 22-nd of September, in the framework of the Commission 6 there were considered and accepted the documents according the role of the International Bureau UPU  to promote of the development designated operators of the UPU states, and development services that provide for financial affordability.
     The RCC Executive Committee conducts daily coordination meeting of the RCC participants' countries, where the results of the previous day and plan for the future are being discussed.
     The meetings are attended by the representatives of Communications Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Uzbekistan, the representatives of «Azerpost», «Belpochta», «Kazpost», «Kyrgyz Pochtasy», «Posta Moldovey», «Russian Post», «Uzbekiston pochtasy», EMS of Uzbekistan.

October 4, 2016 in the framework of the 26-th Universal Postal Congress held a conference at the Ministerial level.

     The conference took into consideration the key issues of development of the world postal community:


Countries sharing experiences on setting priorities in their national policies aimed at achieving UN goals of sustainable development. UPU and the postal sector is increasingly can play an important role as partners of governments in ensuring of inclusive development and poverty reduction. Public authorities may use the postal network to provide a full range of public services and social transfers related to healthcare, education and social benefits.


The world economy is opened in order to allow companies to actively engage in trade in the internal and international markets. Companies of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), in particular, continue to face tariff and non-tariff trade barriers.These barriers are the main problem in the issue of the requirements of e-commerce. Postal service may help in eliminating these barriers through its integrated network, products and services, the constant implementation of standards and encourage the participation of MSME enterprises. UPU member states governments play a unique role in the integration of all stakeholders to promote trade facilitation.


Mismanagement, violation of data protection and the lack of universal access - these are just some of the problems that can hinder the growth of the digital economy.The world requires joint efforts on the part of the postal and telecommunications sectors; and it is time to rethink this separation and create the effect of a winning cooperation in order to facilitate the transition to digital technology and innovation.


The international community agreed on the program of actions in the field of sustainable development which must be achieved by 2030.  In the frames of this program, which covers all sectors of the economy, postal sector can become a part of the solution. Promotion of exclusive development, facilitation to trade and interaction of digital technology - this is the main contribution that can make the postal sector. In these circumstances, the duty of the UPU member states governments is to provide the necessary support, investments and regulatory legal framework.

During the session "Promoting development through social integration and widening the access to financial services" at the Ministerial Conference there was a speech of Mr. R. Ismailov - Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. His speech was about the development in Russia of a new credit organization - postal bank, as well as the great potential for the development of retail banking services for households and small businesses.

     Today (5 October 2016) in the framework of the traditional RCC Coordination Meeting there was signed the Program of cooperation in the field of postal services between the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications and the Pan-African Postal Union for 2017 - 2020, in the framework of the signed Memorandum of Cooperation between the RCC and PAPU on July 19, 2002 in Moscow.

     Director General of the RCC Executive Committee Mr. Nuridin Mukhitdinov by the RCC and Mr. Jibreen Yunuss by PAPU Secretary General signed a Cooperation Program.

     The signing was attended by heads of delegations of CA of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, the Republic of Uzbekistan.

     Further, the RCC participants continued the work in the frames of UPU Congress on the following agenda:

  • Election of Director General and Deputy Director General,
  • Approval of the final report of the Commission 1,
  • Appointment of the account commission for election to the Board
  • Setting the costs limits for 2017-2020,
  • Election of members of the Administrative Council,
  • Future sustainable development of the Union of Social Security Fund,
  • Stamps,
  • Reservations.

The work of the RCC participants at the 26-th UPU Congress will be continued.