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June 28 2018, in Moscow, Russian Federation at the Regional office of the International telecommunication Union (ITU) a videoconference on the preparations for the Regional development forum was held.

The meeting of the videoconference was opened by the Head of the ITU Regional office for the CIS countries Mr. K. Oparin.

With a welcoming speech to the participants of the videoconference addressed:

- Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau Mr. B. Sanou;

- Director General of the RCC Executive Committee Mr. N. Mukhitdinov.

The videoconference was attended by more than 40 people representing the communications administrations, industry universities, research institutes, communication companies from 9 countries of the region (Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Republic of Uzbekistan), as well as representatives of the International Telecommunication Union and the RCC Executive Committee.

The main topics of the videoconference were the review of the results of the implementation of regional initiatives of the CIS countries for the period 2014-2017, as well as the consideration of regional initiatives approved at the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.