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September 3, 2018, in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in the conference Center of the African Union the official opening ceremony of the second UPU Extraordinary Congress was held.

Director General of the UPU IB Mr. Bishar A. Hussein stressed the need for compromise for the development of the future international postal network. "I hope very much that the spirit of agreement and consensus will prevail at the UPU Extraordinary Congress and will allow us to achieve our goals for the benefit of the universal postal Union."

Also with a salutatory word to participants of the UPU Extraordinary Congress appealed the President of Ethiopia Mr. Mulatu Teshome, who the UPU Extraordinary Congress as "One of the most important in the history of the UPU, which can lay the foundation for the development of world postal space".

"We always try to satisfy the needs of the people," added Mr. Kenan, Bozgeyk, the Chairman of the UPU Administration Council, General Director and Chairman of the Board of the Corporation of Turkish PTT. In his speech, he spoke about the importance of cooperation and the need to implement e-Commerce in the postal sector.

In her speech, the Minister of communications and information technology of Ethiopia, Mrs. Ubah Mohammed Gusien, noted that the postal sector is undergoing changes and is facing growing calls for diversification and modernization, as well as the need to satisfy customer expectations.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Director General of the UPU IB Mr. Pascal Clivaz, heads of the Ethiopian Postal service.

    The Extraordinary Congress is attended by the RCC countries: the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the heads of the RCC Executive Committee.

   Mrs. Ube Mohammed Hussein was elected as Chairman of the Extraordinary Congress and opened the first plenary session of the Congress with a welcoming speech.

   Further, the appointed Vice-chairmen/moderators of the Extraordinary Congress, chairmen of the Commissions of limited composition, appointed Members of the commissions of limited composition (verification of powers and Editorial) were approved.

   It was provided a list of organizations invited to the Extraordinary Congress.

   The following issues were discussed: the application of the system of automatic sanctions at the Extraordinary Congress, the thematic scope of the proposals of the member States for the consideration of the Extraordinary Congress, the distribution of general character proposals and the Congress Doc between the bodies of the Congress.

   At the end of the day the Plenary session on the Reform of the Union was held.

   Over the next five days, the participants of the Congress will discuss the Reform of the UPU, including the reform of the system applicable to the contributions of UPU member countries, as well as a comprehensive Integration products Plan and comprehensive Integration Payment Plan. The reforms are aimed at ensuring UPU as well placed to assist the postal sector in the next years.

   On 6-7 September, an Extraordinary Congress will hold a Ministerial conference on strategy. The Conference will bring together Ministers responsible for the postal sector, heads of regulatory bodies, heads of intergovernmental agencies and other high-level participants.