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The Regional workshop on direct marketing

March 16-17, 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation, on the basis of the UPU Regional postal training center the Regional workshop on direct marketing for the designated operators was held.

  The main goals of the workshop for Europe and CIS designated operators in the region were:

  • increase in the value of direct digital marketing, including direct mail, and the development of markets in Europe and the CIS;
  • stimulating the growth of direct digital marketing, including direct mail delivery and the increased presence of designated operators in this market;
  • promotion of postal products and value-added services in the field of direct digital marketing;
  • postal positioning as a channel for direct digital marketing;
  • exchange of information to promote the growth of direct digital marketing through partnerships between postal services and industry community.

  The participants were welcomed by the following speakers:

Ph.D. Vladimir Voskobovich  - Director of the of MTUCI Training Institute;
Alexandr Sarychev -  Advisor to the group of advisers, assistants and specialists under the chief of FSUE Main Centre of Special Communication;
Natalia Zorya - Deputy Director General of the RCC Executive Committee.

  The workshop was attended by the representatives of the Communications Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic as well as senior officials and market experts of the appointed operators of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland. On the part of the Universal Postal Union the seminar was attended by program manager of direct marketing and the promotion of retail sales Ferrari Raquel and the assistant of direct marketing Program Abby Bossart.