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On 1-2 November 2010 in Moscow, Russian Federation (h/h Bekasovo, Moscow Region), the 8th meeting of the Working Group on the development and introduction of new telecommunications services under the RCC Telecommunication Operators Board was held.

 The Working Group reviewed the implementation of the early development the Intellectual communication services (ICS).

Participants noted the positive trend in the organization of traffic transmission from mobile communication networks "International Free Service» (IFS) on the universal international access number in the territory of the RCC participants' countries. The decision to bring up the issue of the opening of access from the mobile network to the RCC CAs consideration was adopted.

It was noted that the lack of recent proposals for participation in the TV show has slowed the process of development of the service “Televoting” in the territory of the RCC participants' countries. Nevertheless, participants expressed their readiness to provide the service at the technical level.

It was recommended:

1) To all operators to accelerate the process of concluding agreements for the service;

2) To OJSC “Rostelecom” to work with the organizers of the popular television projects and television channels the issue of the expansion of geography of service provision about the results at the next meeting of the Working group.

Noted that the service “Home Country Direct Service” is extending in the majority countries. In order to expand the geography of service provision all interested operators were offered to consider the possibility of organizing service “Home Country Direct Service” from third countries.

Noted that the growth rate of service “Premium Rate” at the national level is higher than at the international level. It was recommended to continue the process of contracting for the service.

On the service “Domestic Access Number” (DAN) was noted that this service becomes popular in Europe and there is a tendency to the fact that it will be in demand in the CIS countries. It was recommended to the all Working group members to conduct research on the subject of existing and potential demand for the service.

The following decisions were adopted:

1) To proceed to the conclusion of mutual agreements and report about the process at the next meeting;

2) To OJSC “Rostelecom” to prepare and speak to the next meeting with a presentation on the analysis of market and opportunities of service DAN development.

The decision on all developed Intellectual communication services to accelerate the process of the conclusion of mutual agreements.

It was noted that the process of signing contracts and service organization “International Virtual Private Network” (InterAS VPN) has started. Participants also noted that there are problems in the organization of service at the technical level, which should be resolved in the near future. It’s recommended for all participants to conduct an analysis of demand for this service and report about results at the next meeting. It was decided to continue the process of concluding agreements for the service InterAS VPN.

The description of the service "Virtual channels Ethernet» was considered. It was decided to agree the description of service with technical services of operators. Comments and suggestions send to the OJSC “Rostelecom”, responsible for developing services to consolidate and prepare the final version of the document for approval at the next meeting of the Working Group. OJSC “Rostelecom” should develop to the next meeting of the Working group a model contract for this service.

The Working group participants reviewed a draft contract for the provision of service “Transmission of VoIP traffic”. Decided to finalize the agreement and approve it at the next meeting of the Working Group. All Working group members expressed the interest in the joint provision of this service and decided to start its providing with the using of available technical resources and legislative basis.

The Working Group agreed a draft agenda for the next meeting and proposals on the agenda of the RCC Telecommunication Operators Board.

The next meeting of the Working Group will be held in April - May 2011 on the territory of the Russian Federation.