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On 1-3 October 2012 in Geneva (Switzerland) 28th session of the RCC Informatization Commission and 15th session of the RCC Information Security Commission were held.

On 1-3 October 2012 in Geneva (Switzerland) in UN Palais des Nations were held following events:

-      -Seminar prepared by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) for CIS experts on electronic standards and electronic documents;

-          -28 th session of the RCC Informatization Commission;

-          -15 th session of the RCC Information Security Commission. 


Opening speech at the seminar of the UNECE secretariat was performed by Ms. Cram-Martos, Director of the Department for Trade and Sustainable Land Management. Which noted that the seminar will allow familiarizing with positive experience of states trade facilitation, which help to improve the competitiveness of nations, and to continue already initiated discussions on possible areas of cooperation between the RCC and the UNECE transboundary trust space based on the Internet.

Also a welcome speech from the RCC Executive Committee performed Samorukova I.V., the Head of Department of Information Technologies. She noted that today the RCC reached a new level of cooperation with the UN / CEFACT, experts from the RCC actively participate in CEFACT meetings and pose a common position of our countries in international forums. The participants of the Coordinating Council reacted favorably to the proposals from the UNECE regarding interoperability service information interaction between physical and legal persons, including authorities, taking into account the European and global experience.

Thus one of the most important tasks for the RCC participants’ countries is the analysis of systems of international standardization in the field of information technologies (ITU, ISO / IEC, etc.), the choice of operating standards required for the given issue solution, the definition of the list of standards, proposed to correction, and  the list of standards and planned for development.

Within the seminar was also provided the information, concerning the harmonization of data, analysis of business processes and electronic document circulation, using codes in the electronic documents and single window for data exchange, etc.

In the afternoon was held a round table on standardization in the RCC participants’ countries.

The following days were dedicated to hold the RCC Informatization and Information Security Commissions.


A welcome speech on the RCC Informatization Commission performed by the BDT Deputy Director, Yuri Grin, which noted that nowadays RCC actively participates not only in ITU work, but also establishes cooperation in UNECE meetings, experts from the RCC actively participate in UN/CEFACT meetings and pose a common position of our countries in international forums. From the host were greeted by Head of sector of trade facilitation secretariat UNECE Kuzmin S.I.

Meeting, the Commission conducted a member of the RCC Commission for Information and Information Security Adviser of the Department of state policy in the field of e-government and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Domrachev A.A

Within the framework the RCC Informatization Commission, were regarded issues related to the development of e-democracy, the formation transboundary trus space in the Internet, the definition of the basic organization of the CIS member states in the field of ICT

Identify the main areas of cooperation for development of an integrated information system of foreign and mutual trade, as well as issues related to the implementation the RCC participants’ countries in the WSIS and preparing proposals for the tasks for the period after 2015.


Within the framework the RCC Commission on Information Security considered issues related to:

-creation of the Unique center on security providing in the cyberspace of the RCC participants’ countries.

- providing of information security while providing the newest e-services

-preparation of proposals for the introduction of technology and the implementation of transboundary exchange of information related to the control of the import and export of ICT products containing cryptographic functions and the protection of information in the CIS member-states ;

The project of work plan of the base organization of CIS member-states, caring out the methodological and organizational - technical support of works in the field of information security and training of specialists in this area, and also a number of organizational issues.

In conclusion, participants expressed appreciation to the Secretariat of the UN European Economic Commission for the warm welcome and the opportunity to organize and conduct seminars and meetings of the RCC Informatization and Information Security Commissions.