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On 1 - 4 June 2010 the first workshop for designated postal operators on the regional approach to quality of service improvement for the RCC CAs specialists was held in Kiev (Ukraine).

The seminar was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau in collaboration with Communications Administration of the Ukraine.

The national coordinators of project from Communications Administrations attended the seminar. Total number of participants made near 20 peoples.

Specialists of the RCC CAs, UPU IB and RCC Executive Committee made presentations at the seminar.

Participants of the seminar with great interest discussed the Project and Budget structure, main types of activities and experience obtained on the basis of implementation in other regions of UPU regional projects in the field of international mail services quality improvement. International mail services quality was assessed in each country of the RCC participants with application of a questionnaire. Possibilities of different tracking and tracing systems were considered. Participants were acquainted with the PDCA methodology for managing postal services quality and its improvement.

Within the seminar training sessions on the service standards and quality indicators, principles of assessing letter post service quality, making plans for quality of service improvement, developing effective policy in the quality of service area and an appropriate structure for quality management and other matters were carried out.

The seminar was highly appreciated by listeners.