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On 11– 14 October 2011 in Baku (Azerbaijan Republic) the 7th meeting of the Working group of Technical Experts on studying the use of radiofrequency resource of the simultaneous sound broadcasting networks of the RCC participants’ countries in the band of MW/LW.


The meeting was chaired be the Chairman of the Working group – Head of the Broadcasting Service Division of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies Mr. Alexander A. Bondarenko.
With a greeting on behalf of the host party the Head of the State Administration of Radio Frequencies of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Aflatun M. Mamedov adressed to the meeting participants
Were discussed:
- presented results of calculations of the EMC on the second and third stages for pre-approved planned national frequency allocations 243, 891, 1242, 1404, 1530, 1557, 1566 and 1593 kHz;
- availability of realization of technical suggestions to resolve conflicts in the use of frequencies 234, 252, 612, 1107, 1170, 1323, 1485, 1602 kHz MW/LW band taking into account the transfer of REF in independent mode.
The agreements for the ensuring of EMC conditions in an independent mode of operation at frequencies of 243, 891, 1242, 1404, 1530, 1557, 1566 and 1593 kHz were reached.
The procedures of simultaneous presentation of the radiofrequency applications by the RCC CAs in the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau for making appropriate changes to the Plan Geneva-75 on the use of an independent mode of frequency assignments MW/LW band were discussed.
The information on the conservation and use of a number of frequencies assignments in Latvia and Lithuania was taken into account.

Finishing the 7th meeting of the WG the Chairman Mr. Alexander A. Bondarenko thanked the participants for active work. The participants expressed gratitude to the host party for the excellent organization and warm reception.