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On 14 May 2013 in Moscow (Russian Federation) the 16-th meeting of the RCC Information Security Commission was held.


The meeting of the RCC Information Security Commission was attended by representatives of the: RCC Communications Administrations, competent state bodies involved in the information security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Republic of Uzbekistan and representatives of the RCC Executive Committee.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Chairman of the RCC Information Security Commission Kostrov D.V., director deputy of the Department for the Regulation and radio networks of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

Participants of meeting reviewed the proposals, relating to implementation of an action plan on position promotion the of joint activities on internationalization of the Internet management at international forums, by the introduction of technology and the implementation of transboundary information exchange, related to the control over the import and export of ICT products containing cryptographic functions and the protection of information in the CIS member - states.

The participants were informed about the implementation of the work plan of the CIS base organization in the field of information security

At the meeting was discussed the question about the formation of a regional RCC group for cooperation with 17th Study Group (Security), ITU-T.

In addition, during the meeting was discussed a draft Memorandum on cooperation of telecommunication operators of the RCC in the field of cyber security and fraud protection for communications networks, as well as the draft Agreement on cooperation of - the CIS countries in the field of information security.

In conclusion, participants of the meeting thanked the Communication Administration of Russian Federation for the warm reception and organization of meetings at a high level, for promotion of constructive work.