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On 16-17 February 2011 in Brest (Republic of Belarus) the 14th meeting of the Working Group on Information Security of the interacting networks under the RCC Telecommunication Operators Board (WG IS) was held.


The representatives of 9 RCC operators, software protect public networks developers and the RCC Executive Committee took part at the meeting.
The representative of RUE "Beltelecom" briefed the group on activities related to information security.
The participants exchanged experiences on information security provision and the fight against DDOS - attack, reviewed and discussed the new revision of the Recommendations on the introduction of the trade secrets regime in the telecommunications enterprises.
The meeting also reviewed the activities of the Study Group 17 of the International Telecommunication Union on the establishment of Security Centres in cyberspace, and participants suggestions on the protection against illegal actions, which must be included in the functions of the Centre. The OKB SAPR decision for the protection the confidential information were presented to the Working Group.
The meeting participants made suggestions in the Strategic Plan of the group's work for the next two years.