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On 16-20 January 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland the Radiocommunication Assembly 2012 (RA-12) was held.


Radiocommunication Assembly traditionally takes place before the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference – the most important event in the field of radiocommunication in the world.
In the Assembly work the delegations of six RCC Communications Administrations took part. The total number of participants was around 700 persons.
Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications submitted five Common proposals for the Radiocommunication Assembly 2012 work. Almost all RCC proposals found the reflection in final documents of the Assembly.
The election of the RCC representatives for the leading positions of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector was the great success, particularly, Mr. S.Yu. Pastukh (Russia) was elected as the Chairman of the ITU-R Study group 1 (Spectrum management).
Besides the RCC representative were elected to the positions of vice-Chairmen:
SG3 (Radiowave propagation) – Mr. S.I. Starchenko (Russia);
SG4 (Satellite services) – Mr. M.M. Simonov (Russia);
SG5 (Terrestrial services) – Mr. A.I. Klyucharev (Russia);
SG6 (Broadcasting service) – Mr. O.V. Gofaïzen (Ukraine);
SG7 (Science services) – Mr. A.V. Vasiliev (Russia);
Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) –Mr. A.B. Nalbandian (Armenia);
Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) - Mr. N.V. Varlamov (Russia);
Special Committee (SC) – Mr. I.V. Zheltonogov (Russia);
Coordination Committee for Vocabulary (CCV) – Mr. V.M. Minkin (Russia).
Radiocommunication Assembly elaborated the program of future work of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector on the issues of the use of cognitive radio systems, broadband access with the use of satellite communication, climate changes control, digital broadcasting and etc.