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On 2 February 2012 in Tashkent (the Republic of Uzbekistan) the 34/23th joint meeting of the RCC Postal Commission and Postal Operators Board was held

Representatives of 8 Communications Administrations, RCC Executive Committee and UPU IB took part at the meeting.

At the meeting the progress of RCC CAs preparations for the 25th UPU Congress was discussed, the RCC CAs offers into the UPU regulatory documents were worked out, the reports of the working group under the RCC Postal Operators Board and RCC Postal Commission Chairmen, as well as the reports of the Commission and Operators Board Chairmen were heard.
The information on the implementation of the Plan of Actions on the Concept on the establishment the system of Express-mail within the RCC (EMS RCC) realization, progress of the development the analytical work on the theme “Development of principles and criteria of the postal entities placement in urban and rural areas” was heard.
The possibilities of joining of the RCC CAs to the Agreement on the organization of postal stamps issues on the theme of RCC and other matters were discussed.
Decisions adopted on the agenda items reflect common interest of the RCC participants in the questions under discussion and necessity of the coordinated actions for their realization.