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On 20 May 2010 the UPU/RCC/La Poste (France) joint international seminar “Customs evolutions and the Postal sector” for specialists from the CIS/RCC member countries was held in Tashkent, (the Republic of Uzbekistan).

The seminar was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau, La Poste (France) in collaboration with Communications Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Directors General of national postal operators and their deputies, heads of structural units, employees of the Ministers/Agencies, dealing with postal issues, leading specialists from Communications Administrations attended the seminar. Total number of participants made more than 30 peoples.

Specialists of the RCC CAs, UPU IB, La Poste (France) and RCC Executive Committee made presentations at the seminar.



During the seminar the following questions: General introduction of the customs rules applicable to Posts from the prospective of the World Customs Organisation (WCO), essentials of the  postal customs clearance rules and a detailed presentation about the existing UPU regulation and world best practice in this field, Presentation of the WCO recommended model and agreed standards with regard the customs treatment of the postal items, Introduction to application of the general Customs requirements applicable the postal operations, Security aspects of the postal items treatment and their relations with the smooth performance of the customs procedures, Counterfeit items in the postal network general aspects and prevention were discussed.