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On 20 September 2011 in Portorož (Republic of Slovenia) the Working group on the work with ITU under the RCC Commission for International Cooperation Coordination was held.


The representatives of the CAs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Russian Federation and RCC Executive Committee, as well as representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Moldova through audio communication took part at the meeting. Besides, the representatives of the CA of the Republic of Slovenia took part at the meeting as observes.
The Chairman of the WG on the work with ITU, Deputy Director of the NIIR FSUE, Vladimir M. Minkin (CA of Russia) chaired the meeting.
The main agenda items were the preparations for the ITU Forums 2012 - ITU World Conference on International Telecommunications and ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly, as well as preparation for the ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014 and ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014.
Participants of the meeting considered the draft Program of the Regional Preparatory Meeting to prepare the WTSA-12 and WCIT-12, which was offered by the ITU.
WG offered to consider the possibility of increasing the number of days designated to prepare for the WCIT by the time of the ITU Regional Development Forum 2012 "Bridging the Standardization Gap for CIS, CEE and Baltic States" and/or RPM to prepare the WTSA-12.
Eight proposals on the subject of CA of Russia contributions to the WTSA-12, as well as suggestions on the subject of researches for the next four years in Study Groups of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector were presented and discussed at the meeting.
Besides the CA of Russia proposals to the ITU Council Working Group to prepare for the WCIT-12 were presented and discussed.
The Working Group also discussed and approved the draft plans of preparation and participation for WTDC-14 and PP-14.
At the end of the meeting the participants expressed their gratitude to the Communications Administration of the Republic of Slovenia and "Iskratel" company for the warm reception and created conditions for the Working Group successful meeting.