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On 21-25 November 2011 in Moscow (Russian Federation) the 9th meeting of the Working group on the preparations for WRC-12/RA-12 was held.

The meeting was attended by the representatives from Communications Administrations of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine as well as the representatives of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and RCC Executive Committee.
Chairman of the WG on the preparations for WRC-12/RA-12, Adviser to the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Albert B. Nalbandian chaired the meeting.
Among the issues discussed at the meeting there were the issues on the preparations for the ITU World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 and ITU Radiocommunication Assembly 2012 at the final stage, principles of interaction of the RCC CAs delegations during the Conference and Assembly work, results of the international meetings on the preparations to these ITU forums and other issues.
Coordinators documents and analysis of the regional organizations positions on the WRC-12 agenda items were discussed.
Group considered the working materials on all the WRC-12 and RA-12 agendas items, including the draft Resolutions on the WRC-15 agenda items. Output documents of the meeting were 4 documents of the WRC-12 agenda items as well as 4 documents on the RA-12 work, including the changes into the exist RCC Common Proposal on the RA-12 work, which will be sent to the International Telecommunication Union in a due course.
Closing the meeting the participants expressed gratitude to the CA of the Russian Federation and FSUE NIIR for cordial reception and created conditions for successful meeting of the Working group.