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On 22-23 September 2010 in Nairobi (the Republic of Kenya) the UPU Strategy Conference 2010 “From Nairobi to Doha: shaping the future of the UPU and the postal world” was held.

The representatives of the governments, ministries, operators and other partners from 116 Member countries of the UPU took part at the Conference; the general number of participants was more than 600 persons.

Conference Chairman: Ambassador Bishar A. Hussein, Chairman of the UPU Council of Administration.

H.E. Kalonzo Masyoka, Vice President of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Samuel Poghisio, Minister of information and Communications of the Republic of Kenya, Eduard Dayan, Director General of the IB UPU, Achim Stierner, Director General of UNON and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (by video conference communication from New York) made the speeches of welcome.

From the RCC the representatives of the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Uzbekistan, Ukraine and RCC Executive Committee took part at the Conference.

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The aim of the Conference was to give the opportunity to the UPU stakeholders to take stock of what has been achieved in implementing the UPU Nairobi Postal Strategy (NPS) and it will serve as a platform to start shaping the future strategy of the organization and the sector in this fast-changing world.

The three blocks of questions were discussed at the Conference:

1.         NPS implementation: how are we doing so far?

-        Addressing the reality of the changing economic landscape.

-        How well has the UPU responded to the economic crisis?

-        Regional implementation of the NPS.

2.         On our way to Doha: the trends and the way forward.

-        Technological advances and changing behaviors – how can Posts remain relevant to customers?

-        Diversification: a successful model for the postal world.

-        Postal Financial services – added value for Posts and their customers.

-        The relevance of the environment and sustainable development for Posts.

-        Addressing the world – an address for everyone.

3.         Anticipating and responding to change.

-        Round table.

Summing up of the Conference, Edouard Dayan, Director General of the IB UPU named four key areas that will be incorporated as a base in Doha postal strategy:


1.         Radical changes.

2.         Diversification and innovation.

3.         Ensuring sustainable development of postal services.

4.         Efficiency in the management of the sector.

The decision on the feasibility of the Regional round tables on the preparation of proposals in the Doha postal strategy was adopted.