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On 23 June 2011 in Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) the Regional Round table on the future strategy of the Universal Postal Union was held

The UPU Strategy Conference (September-October 2010, Nairobi, Kenya) determined the reasonability of holding of the Regional Round tables for identification the key priorities of regions’ development for inclusion in the Doha Postal Strategy.


The decision on holding the Regional Round table on the UPU future strategy in our region was adopted by the RCC CAs Board Decision (№ 43/1, November 2010, Baku). Traditionally, the Regional Round table is carried out jointly with the forum “Pochtovaya troika”

In pursuance of this decision the main directions of the RCC postal sector development for the period up to 2016 were prepared by the RCC postal working bodies and were approved at the 44th session of the RCC Board (1 June 2011, Yerevan).

RCC Executive Committee in collaboration with the UPU International Bureau determined the format of the Regional Round table and agreed it with FSUE “Russian Post” for its inclusion to the Program of  the 10th International Forum and Exhibition “Pochtovaya troika 2011”.

The representatives of the RCC participants from Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation and Ukraine took part at the Regional Round table work.

During the holding of the Regional Round table the issues on the implementation of the UPU Nairobi Postal Strategy for the period of 2009-2012 at the international and regional level were considered and discussed, the discussion of the draft Doha Postal Strategy (content and future aspects of its implementation) and UPU future structure was carried out.

In conclusion the main directions of the RCC postal sector development for the period up to 2016 were presented.

In accordance of the UPU methodology, the RCC main directions were transformed into Regional matrix, which was built on the basis of draft UPU Doha Postal Strategy. In the sequel this RCC matrix will be included as a component part in a final version of the Doha Postal Strategy, which will be presented to the 25th UPU Congress.

The priority directions out of which in the sequel the UPU International Bureau will compose the Strategy regional projects for our region, as following:

-          Improving the quality of service, reliability and efficiency of postal networks;

-          Further development and modernization of electronic payment services.

Priority directions of limited scope are following:

-          Accession to the global monitoring;

-          Modernization and reformation of the postal sector;

-        Ensuring the professional training in the part of new technologies application, adoption of operational, technical and technological innovations in the main areas of postal activity;

-          Distance trade market development;

-          Realization of actions in the field of marketing and advertising of electronic postal, financial, commercial and e-government services;

-          Improvement the potential possibilities in the field of marketing and sale.

Within the forum frameworks the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between RCC and PostEurop for 2011-2014 was carried out.