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On 24-25 May 2011 27th meeting of the RCC Commission on the Economy of Communications took place in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic


Deputy Minister of the Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan Iltimas Ahmed oglu Mammadov addressed the participants of the meeting with the words of welcome. At his speech he noticed that Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications plays a great role in coordinating relations between communications administrations in the field of telecommunications, postal services, as well as in the process of experience and information exchange between RCC participants’ countries.



Representatives of the RCC Communication administrations of the Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Uzbekistan took part in the Commission’s work. The Commission considered such topical questions as: about 8th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting; system of  economic relations in the sphere of ICT; about development and improvement of financial services at postal offices; about main directions of universal services development; about world financial crisis influence on telecommunication industry; about telecommunication and ICT industry development strategy in the RCC participants’ countries; improving the methodology for setting tariffs in the telecommunications industry.

According to the decision of the RCC Postal Commission and RCC Postal Operators Board as well as in preparation for the 44th meeting of the RCC Communications Administrations Board the RCC Commission on the Economy of Communications considered the “Agreement on preferential postage rates for library items in the system of interlibrary loan of the CIS countries”.

Great attention was paid for the question of Proposals for possible regulation of roaming tariffs in the CIS countries, which was discussed in preparation for the 44th meeting of the RCC CA’s Board.  Taking into consideration urgency of this question for all communications administrations and operators, the Commission made a decision to ask the RCC CA’s Board to establish the RCC Working group on tariff policy with the assistance of the authorized representatives – experts of the RCC Telecommunication Commission, RCC Commission for Coordination of Communication Regulatory Bodies Activities in RCC, RCC Commission on the Economy of Communications, RCC Commission for International Cooperation Coordination and the RCC Telecommunication Operators Board.

Participants of the Commission’s meeting also considered materials related to preparation for the 20th anniversary of the RCC establishment, approved draft Strategic Lines of the RCC Activity for the perspective.

The meeting was held in constructive atmosphere. The participants expressed gratitude to the Communication Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic for the warm reception and organization of the Commission meeting.