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On 29 – 31 March 2011 in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan) the third international workshop on the regional approach of supporting on-site the designated operators within the UPU Strategic regional project "Quality of service improvement" frameworks for the RCC CAs specialists was held.

The seminar was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau in collaboration with Communications Administration of the Republic of Kazakstan.


The national coordinators of project from Communications Administrations attended the seminar. Total number of participants made near 30 persons.

Specialists of the RCC CAs and UPU IB made presentations at the seminar.

Participants of the seminar with great interest discussed the work done by each designated operator after the second seminar.

Representatives of the Belpochta reported on the implementation of the recommendations that were made at a previous seminar in Minsk during a visit of post offices: processing and transportation of mail center and place of exchange at the airport "Minsk-2".

The mapping of processes and methodology of planning were discussed.

The review of existing solutions on the international parcels services, approved official UPU parcels post indicators and methods of available records analysis, compliance with the parcels post official indicators requirements of the designated operators; future challenges which faced the designated operator of the CIS in achieving compliance with parcels post official indicators requirements was undertaken.

Much attention was paid to the security policy issues and the recently approved UPU methodology for certification, the analysis of EMS target reports and indicators of this service; a draft on the applicable customs procedures and a framework agreement on the air transportation between the UPU and IATA as well as other important issues as a useful tool for effective negotiation and conclusion of appropriate contracts with air carriers were considered.

Within the seminar framework a group session on the written correspondence transfer from one point to another point issues was carried out.

The participants of the workshop visited the main sorting center of the JSC “Kazpost”, exchanging international postal items institutions and exchanging area at the airport.

The seminar was highly appreciated by listeners.