All partners

On 3-4 December 2013 the UPU/RCC/La Poste (France) joint international seminar “Modern technologies in customs operations and postal security and role of all partners as enablers of international e-commerce” for specialists from the CIS/RCC member countries was held in Kiev (Ukraine)

The seminar was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, UPU International Bureau, La Poste (France) in collaboration with Communications Administration of the Ukraine.

Directors General of national postal operators and their deputies, heads of structural units, employees of the Ministers/Agencies, dealing with postal issues, leading specialists from Communications Administrations attended the seminar. Total number of participants made more than 60 peoples.

Specialists of the RCC CAs, UPU IB, La Poste (France) and UPU Postal Technology Centre made presentations at the seminar.

During the seminar the information on work conducted by the UPU in the field of improving and simplifying customs rules and processes relating to international posting, activities in the field of legislation on improving the relevant national structures that facilitate the development of international e-commerce, on measures taken in the field of aviation security, which were discussed at the international level (UPU-ICAO) and European (European Union U) level.

Representatives of the UPU IB presented the UPU Guidance on postal export and Guidance on customs issues. Changes have been discussed in the UPU Rules and Regulations to receive, transport and delivery of dangerous goods (lithium batteries), measures of security and physical protection.

Large block of questions was devoted to interaction with customs authorities. It was discussed the exchange of information between operators, shippers and customs authorities to send postal parcels for prior notice and expedite the processing of post. Representatives of the UPU Postal Technology Centre, FSUE "Russian Post" and FSUE SRDIPS RF (Scientific Research and Design Institute on Postal Services) represented reports on the results of pilot projects for the electronic interchange of data between designated operators and customs authorities.

During the seminar were organized workshops on exchange of reports with the customs and prior notice for sent and incoming post volumes; measures to ensure aviation safety and security of post and postal facilities personnel, safety carriage of postal air rail and ground transportation. It was discussed the impact of seasonal fluctuations in postal volumes for the organization of the work of international institutions exchange.


The seminar was highly appreciated by listeners.