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On 6-7 September 2011 in Kiev (Ukraine) the Regional conference “Supporting countries in the Europe and CIS region by strengthening the postal sector reform process and moving it forward” was held.


The Conference was organized by the RCC Executive Committee, IB UPU jointly with the CA of Ukraine.
The specialists of the RCC CAs and RCC Executive Committee, representatives of South-East Europe, the regional organization PostEurop took part at the Conference. The total number of the participants – 50 persons.
The representatives of the IB UPU presented the UPU postal reform methodology and Complex Plan of postal sector reform and development in the Europe and CIS countries (IPDP).
The Conference participants discussed the processes of postal sector reformation in Europe, postal operators modernization in developing countries of West Europe, analyzed the situation of the postal sector reformation in the region.
The representatives of the Ukraine, Republic of Moldova and Azerbaijan Republic presented their experience of postal sector reformation after the IPDP composition. The representatives of Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Serbia tell on their experience of the postal sector reformation without IPDP composition.
The presentation of the UPU project concerning a guide to postal reform financing was carried out.
The conditions, possibilities evaluation, characteristics and perspectives of projects financing within the postal reform were discussed.
The Conference was highly appreciated by listeners.