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On 6-8 March 2012 in Luzern (Switzerland) the joint meeting of the RCC Working bodies: Commission of the Economy of Communication, Telecommunication Operators Board and Telecommunication Commission was held.


More than 70 delegates from 8 RCC communications administrations and telecommunication operators, guests of the European Union, the RCC Executive Committee took part at the meeting.

In the meeting was discussed the preparations for the RCC Regional Preparatory Meeting for the WTSA-12 and WCIT-12 and the ITU Regional Development Forum “Overcoming of the Standardization Gap of the RCC participants countries”. Officials of the Working Bodies called the RCC CAs and operators of communications to stir up the participation in the preparation and discussion of the RCC Common Proposals for the WTSA-12 and WCIT-12 for submission on the RCC RPM and provide suggestions for the candidatures on the Leading positions of the Study Groups; support new research directions of the Compatibility of Cloud calculation, profiling and monitoring of communication services, evaluation of limiting possibilities of networks.

The participants of the meeting discussed the proposals of the RCC CAs and RCC Telecommunications operators on the possibility of regulation the roaming tariffs in the CIS countries and the formation of the unified approaches of tarification of the RCC Telecommunications operators.

It was decided the Working Group on tariff policy issues till 1 April to prepare the final Draft of the Declaration of mutual understanding of the RCC participants countries on the matter for the further consideration on the next meeting of the RCC Board.

The participants reviewed the international assessment of the level of the information communication technologies (ICT) in the RCC participants’ countries.

It noted that in the international ratings the CIS region is in the Medium group with average level of the ICT Index development and Network Readiness Index.

It was recommended to the RCC CAs more effectively promote the usage of ICT in business and public administration to encourage the attraction of investments in the ICT sector and increase research capacity and innovations to continuously monitor and analyze the international ratings of readiness of the Informational Development.

It was also heard the report on the out coming of the 9th International ITU Forum of the World Telecommunication Indicators/ICT in which was marked the increasing activity of the RCC CAs representatives and RCC Telecommunications operators at work of the ITU meetings on improvement of the ITU universal ICT indicators list.

Took place the exchange of experience on issues.

-       Pricing and international payments for telecommunication services the development and implementation of mobile payments for goods and services, payment of mutual settlement and payments with cards usage. It was charged to the Working Group on the development and introduction of new telecommunication services to consider the introduction of mobile payments and report the results on the next meeting of the RCC TOB.

-       The structure of government and licensing in the telecommunication industry in the RCC participants countries.

-       The formation of the interconnect tariffs and its usage.

-       The development of the Communication Industry in the CIS countries during the past twenty years period.

At the meeting was decoded to set up the Working Groups:

-       Working Group on the projecting under the RCC Telecommunications operators Board. The creation

provoked by necessity of the typification process of preparation of project documentation by electrical projection, the objective of which the high quality, reducing the time of preparation of project documentation, as well as reducing the cost of project works.

-       Working Group on common approaches development in transit capacities assignment by the RCC participants' countries operators.

Chairman of the Working Groups will report about results at the next meeting of the RCC Telecommunication operators Board. in the report of Chairman of the Working Group on development and introduction of new telecommunication services was marked the positive results of activity of the Working Body. It was recommended to the operators to negotiated contracts on “Connection data transmission network on the Interas L2 VPN service” used as a base contract developed by the Working Group.

Approved joining in the TOB with the observer status of LTD “Nokia Siemens Networks” and FSUE “Moscow Broadcasting Network”.

The meeting was held in the business and friendly atmosphere. The distinctive feature of the event became the format-the joint meeting of the three RCC Working Bodies. Issues on the agenda were on the interest to the all participants of the meeting and led to general discussion of officials and specialists of the RCC CAs and RCC Telecommunication operators.

The participants of the meeting thanked the company management of JSC “A Rustel” and the host side for the excellent of the meeting and cultural program in a beautiful place-Lucerne, Switzerland, warm welcome and for opportunity to see the latest advanced and using of the information and communication technologies in Swiss Telecommunication companies-Crypto AG, SwissQual and Swissphone.