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On April 2, 2010 in Astana (Kazakhstan) the 23rd meeting of the RCC Informatization Commission took place.


The meeting was attended by representatives of CAs of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russian Federation and representatives of the RCC Executive Committee.

During the meeting participants reviewed implementation of the decisions of the CIS Council of Heads of State and CIS Council of Heads of Government on further cooperation in the ICT field related to:

  • implementation of decisions on the Informatization Strategy and Action Plan for its realization up to 2010;
  • creation of an interstate network of information-marketing centers (IMC)
  • implementation of adopted by the CIS Council of Heads of Government decisions on  e-health and telemedicine development;
  • introduction of passport and visa documents of new generation;
  • implementation of additions to the Strategy as regards passport and visa documents of new generation;
  • ensuring information security;
  • implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society decisions;

as well as the progress in the priority informatization direction - development of electronic information services in the RCC participants’ countries. Presentations were made by representatives of the majority of the RCC CAs.

Great interest was attracted by development of electronic public services in the RCC participants’ countries. The meeting was provided with the information about the set of actions in the countries connected with formation of "electronic government" as a technological platform of electronic interaction between citizens, organizations and states. These works are considered to be national priorities of innovative and social development and economy modernization.

The meeting also considered information related to the use of experience in organizing cross-border multiformat information interaction (G-B-C) in the APEC format for the RCC  activities, discussed a number of organizational issues related to the provision of necessary support to the High Level Working Group on Cooperation in the matters of the RCC participants’ countries readiness for the information society building, preparations for the next meeting of the Coordination Council of CIS member states for Informatization attached to the RCC.