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On August 27, 2010 in Sary-Oy, Kyrgyzstan, the 12-th meeting of the Digital Broadcasting Coordination Group (DBCG) took place.


            Representatives of Communications Administrations of the: Azerbaijan Republic,  Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic,  Russian Federation,  Ukraine  and the RCC Executive Committee took part in the meeting.


            At session participants have shared the experience and plans of implementation of a terrestrial digital television broadcasting of standard DVB-T/H, have carried out the comparative analysis of standards DVB-T and DVB-T2. During session the project "Recommendations about coordination new and updatings of planned frequencies in the range 174-230 and 470-862 MHz between AC RCC" has been finished. It has been decided to present the modifed project in EC RСС for mailing in AC RСС for the purpose of consideration and representation on the statement  29th/35th joint meeting of the RCC Commission on Regulation of Frequency Spectrum Use and EMC of Radio electronic Facilities and RCC Commission for Satellite Communication, TV and Sound Broadcasting.

           radio_31_08_2010_1 Participants of session have heard the report on prospects of use of a range of frequencies of 174-230 MHz and offers on the further actions promoting use of the given range in the countries of participants RСС taking into account various variants of systems of broadcasting and maintenance EMC, both within the limits of broadcasting service, and taking into account compatibility of service of broadcasting with other radio services used in the countries of participants RСС the Analysis of prospects of use of a range of 174-230 MHz has shown that the AC  the technical criteria of coordination defined in Agreement GE-06 for systems of a digital broadcasting arrange the majority.

    Participants of session from the AC of the Russian Federation have presented a material on working out of requirements to technical characteristics of the reception equipment and technical bases of planning of networks of a digital terrestrial  television broadcasting.

  The next session CGDB is planned  in June-August, 2011.