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On 8 May 2010 in Moscow (Russian Federation) the15th session of the Coordination Council of the CIS member states for Informatization attached to the Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications (RCC) was held.


The Coordination Council session was attended by delegations of communications administrations of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Republic of Uzbekistan and Ukraine and representatives of the CIS Executive Committee. Representatives of communications administrations of the Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Slovenia, Turkmenistan, as well as of international organizations took part in the session as guests.

The session was presided by the Chairman of the Coordination Council, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation I.O. Schegolev.


At the session of the Coordination Council information of the CIS Executive Committee on the progress of implementation of the CIS Council of Heads of State and Council of Heads of Government decisions on further development of cooperation in the ICT field related to implementation of the Cooperation Strategy of the CIS member states in the informatization field (the Strategy) and the Action Plan for its implementation up to 2010 (Action Plan); creation and development of information-marketing centers interstate network; development of e-health and telemedicine; introduction of new generation passport and visa documents was heard.

The Council for further development of cooperation found it necessary to monitor ICT implementation in the CIS member states through development of electronic passports of the information society objects characterizing the status and prospects of ICT development.

15nd session CCIParticipants of the Coordination Council session considered the question of development in the RCC participants’ countries of electronic public services and the use of "electronic government" technology. The Council recognized as necessary to continue exchange of experience among the RCC participants’ countries on the subject, as well as to provide inclusion of activities for promoting public e-services as one of the priorities in the new version of the Strategy and a separate section of the Action Plan for its implementation in the period up to 2015.

In that context, the Council approved the results of works performed in the Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation and also information review for 2009 on the implementation in the Commonwealth countries of public electronic services prepared by the RCC Informatization Commission. The Council recommended the RCC Communications Administrations to timely send to RCC Executive Committee information about implementation of electronic public services for this information inclusion in the annual review.

Taking into account that one of the key components of the electronic services and information society development is protection of the citizens’ rights and their personal data in the CIS information space, the Council discussed information about activities in the CIS member states on ensuring information security when providing electronic services and protecting personal data.15nd session CCI

It was decided to further study the issues of personal data transborder transmission in the CIS member states taking into account discussion at the Coordination Council session and based on the need to comply with requirements for their protection and using also results of the R&D work executed in RCC "Study of the possibility to use digital signatures at transborder data exchange."

The Coordination Council charged the Information Security Commission to develop a draft Convention on the procedure of recognition of the electronic documents relevance in law in international data exchange between the CIS member states, and to study with involvement of the CIS member states specialized organizations questions of information security and personal data protection when providing e-services to population.

Also within this question other aspects of solving information security questions were reviewed.

Given that the Coordination Council has authority to organize implementation of the Complex Plan actions for realization of the CIS members states Strategy of Cooperation in the informatization security area for the period from 2008 to 2010 which were adopted by the Heads of State of the Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation and Republic of Tajikistan of 10 October 2008, the Information Security Commission prepared the following documents:

  • information for preparing an analytical report for the CIS Council of Heads of Government on the current state, problems and immediate tasks of information security ensuring in CIS;
  • draft Agreement on the CIS member states Cooperation in the information security (Agreement);
  • draft Provisions on the CIS member states basic organization implementing methodological and organizational and technical support of works in the information security sphere and training of specialists in this sphere.

The RCC Executive Committee was charged to submit these documents to the CIS Executive Committee for consideration in the established order by the CIS Council of Heads of Government.

Also within this issue the Information Security Commission's proposal to establish an Integrated Centre on Information Security in the CIS members states cyberspace providing data collection and analysis of information on computer incidents, advisory and technical support to users in preventing threats to computer security within the CIS space, and it was decided to prepare Provisions on the Centre defining its basic functions and tasks.

Given the importance of promoting security when working in the Internet and the need for joint combating production, storage, provision and distribution of child pornography, the Council recommended the RCC Telecommunication Operators Board to consider acceding to the Charter of the Communication Operators of Russia on Counteracting Child Pornography Distribution on the Internet.

At the Coordination Council session Mr. Manuk R. Vardanyan, Minister of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Armenia, was elected Vice-Chairman of the Coordination Council of the CIS member states for Informatization attached to RCC for a regular term.

Members of the Coordination Council highlighted the importance and need for continued cooperation in the ICT field and development of joint actions in the matters of building the information society in the RCC participants’ countries.

It was decided to hold the regular 16th session of the Coordination Council in the second decade of September 2010 in the city of Chisinau< Republic of Moldova.

The session participants expressed gratitude to the Government of the Russian Federation for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the meeting.