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September 22-24, 2014 a joint meeting of the RCC Commission on Informatization and RCC Commission on Economy Infocommunication was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

    The meeting was attended by representatives of the CAs of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Uzbekistan, representatives of the State Communications Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic, the RCC Executive Committee, CIS Executive Committee, JSC "Rostelecom", National and inter-State Technical Committee for Standardization, "Information Technology" , the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation.

   The meeting was moderated by the Head of the RCC Commission on economy Infocommunication, head of economic forecasting, analysis and payment of the State Committee for Communications, Information and Telecommunication Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan Rustam Dadamukhamedov, co-chaired - Deputy Chairman of the RCC Informatization Commission, Head of ICT State Committee for Communication, Informatization and communication technology of  the Republic of Uzbekistan Umarov Olimjon.

         Welcoming address were made by the General Director of the RCC Executive Committee  Mukhitdinov Nurudin Nasretdinovich, who noted the importance of the integrated treatment of information and ICT economy, with the aim of improving the investment attractiveness, as well as the introduction of modern innovative technologies.

At the joint meeting of the Commissions there were discussed the implementation strategy of cooperation of CIS member states in the formation and development of the information society and the Action Plan for its implementation for the period up to 2015, as well as draft amendments to the Strategy and Action Plan.

During the meeting there was announced information about the activities of the basic organizations of the CIS in the field of ICT and considered RCC Regulation interaction with the basic organizations of the CIS in the field of ICT and information security. 

There was considered issue of investment activity, including public-private partnership, and was announced the information on the procedure for the development of public services.

At the same time there was considered a number of issues related to improving the structure of Statistic collection of the RCC activities and clarify the methodology for the calculation of RCC statistical indicators RCC, changes in the method of calculating the size of the membership fees of participants engaged in the financing costs of the RCC.

There was a discussion of the creation of cross-border space of trust on the Internet states - participants of the CIS and the interaction of the RCC with the Fund "Skolkovo". There was announced the information about the results of the implementation of regional initiatives CIS countries that were adopted ITU. Also there were discussed the issues on the development of model laws, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the RCC and some organizational issues.

During the meeting there was accepted a number of  important decisions aimed at the development of communication and ICT that contribute to the improvement of investment attractiveness, as well as the implementation of modern innovative technologies.

In conclusion participants expressed their gratitude to the State Committee of communication, information and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of  Uzbekistan for the possibility of performing the RCC activities aimed at the effective implementation of information technology in the RCC state-members.