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On 1 April 2011 in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan) the 32/21th joint meeting of the RCC Postal Commission and Postal Operators Board was held

Representatives of 8 Communications Administrations, RCC Executive Committee and UPU IB took part at the meeting.


The issues of the preparations for the Regional roundtable on the future UPU strategy and the International Forum - Exhibition "Pochtovaya troyka - 2011" (June 2011, St. Petersburg), the RCC preparation to the 25th UPU Congress (September-October 2012, Doha, Qatar), the RCC CAs experience on the ensuring the integrity, reliability and security of postal services were discussed at the meeting. The discussion of the draft “RCC CAs Agreement on the organization of the joint stamp issue publishing” and draft “Agreement on the preferential postage rates for library items in the interlibrary loan system of the CIS countries” took place. The report on the implementation of the Concept on creation of Express mail system within the framework of RCC (EMS RCC) was heard. The preparation issues for the celebrating of the 20th anniversary of the RCC establishment were considered. Other issues were also considered.

The questions on the preparations for celebration of the 20th anniversary of the RCC establishment were considered. Other matters were considered too.

Decisions adopted on the agenda items reflect common interest of the RCC participants in the questions under discussion and necessity of the coordinated actions for their realization.