Development of "e-health service” and telemedicine becomes a priority direction of social and economic policies in the majority of the world’s countries.

       Interstate character is the important feature of telemedicine. It should be created on the basis of world’s medical potential providing increase of availability and quality of medical services, their conformity with the world standards within the harmonized legal and single information and technological space.

       Regional Working Group on Telemedicine at the RCC Informatization Commission (RWG on Telemedicine) was created to improve interaction in the field of introduction of compatible telemedicine systems.

       7 meetings of RWG on Telemedicine were held. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, and also representatives of ITU and CIS Executive Committee take active part in its activities.

       In 2007 at RWG and RCC Informatization Commission meetings possible approaches to and priorities in organizing compatible national telemedicine consulting and diagnostic systems were defined.

       RWG also prepared and approved the draft Joint appeal of the CIS member states about cooperation in creating compatible national telemedicine systems (Memorandum). The Memorandum was signed by ten RCC countries which demonstrates interest of the countries and the big social importance of telemedicine projects. Secretary General of ITU Mr. H.Touré welcomed this regional initiative as one of the most advanced in the world.

       In 2008 at the RWG meeting the topical questions related to implementation of actions set in the Memorandum as well as a draft Agreement on Cooperation among CIS Countries in creation of compatible national telemedicine systems and their further development and use (the Agreement) were considered. Together with CIS - RCC MPA Council of Experts RWG started working out a model law “On telemedicine”.

       Nowadays the Agreement has been approved and submitted to the CIS Executive Committee to be approved by the CIS Council of Heads of Government in the established order.