WSIS Projects


Role of government management and stakeholders in the ICT promotion development.



Definition economic efficiency of integration process in the countries and formation effective strategy and policy in the field of information.



As the part of the project should be solved following problems:

-status evaluation and development of infocommunication potential in regional and international scale,

- Grouping of socio-economical educational and demographical indicators in regional scale and it’s comparing with international composite ICT development index, networks readiness, e-government and economical knowledge;

- Analytical and diagnostical development, predictive tools of Regional monitoring of infocommunication development;

- Infocommunication potential status development and production control actions in improving nation-states policies on informatization;

- Component and database justification of country in the field of national economic and international databases ITU, UN, Work Bank and other international organization informatization.


Terms-1 year

 Project Cost- 125 000 $ USA

 Results (conclusion)

RMICD allows concretizing identified potential of infocommunication parameters and coordinate national policy in informatization of single countries, country groups at the regional and global level.

Project usage

           RMICD results have practical importance for state authorities and communication administration of RCC countries, international and regional organizations, investors, manufactories and ICT suppliers, as well as for public of countries.